will you marry me??? the proposal story

It's funny, as the proposal story is something that I always include in my ceremonies (other than the elopements with no guests, for obvious reasons). And it is something almost always included on a couple's wedding website. Why is that? I think it's a great way to express who the couple is together and what makes them unique.

So, what do you do when the proposal doesn't go as you'd hoped? Do you make up a better story? Personally, I think the ability to laugh at yourself is key to a healthy relationship, and rarely do things so special go exactly as planned, but I do understand when some of my brides say they were bummed at how it ended up happening to them. It is definitely a moment you want to, and will, remember forever.

Well, how about trying it again? In my case, Jason did end up proposing three times, all within a week, in order to get it exactly as he had planned and imagined it. The first time I was definitely surprised, as he had hoped. However, the circumstances that night on our anniversary were not as he had planned (yes, my horrible violent allergic reaction to the shrimp, that wasn't supposed to be in the food we ate, sort of did change the feeling around the evening). So, we did it two more times until it was as desired, and you know what, I think it makes for an even better story than if it had been perfect the first time!

Any great proposal stories to share? Was it a part of their wedding ceremonies as well? I hope so, as it tells your guests so much about you two together!