what do you want to hear from an officiant?

So, there are many things that I believe that I do quite well in my business, but blogging regularly is just not one of them.  One of the challenges of being a solo-preneur is that, as the only one really involved in the business, you have to wear all of the hats.  That means that some things slip through the cracks and/or intentionally get pushed to the side.  Naturally, writing and prepping for my weddings can't and working with my awesome couples can't (nor would I want either of those to, as that's what I most love doing and is WHY I do this), but blogging often can (and does).

I also know myself, so I know that without something specifically holding me accountable to blog more, if I didn't feel that it was really affecting my business negatively to not have a completely active blog, it wasn't likely I would write more often.  Therefore, I signed up for a 31 Day Blogging Challenge, to be the push I needed to write and share more.

Okay, all - that leads me to a very important question: What do you want to hear from an Officiant?  And/or from me specifically?  Please offer suggestions of what you might find interesting, useful, fun, and worth reading.

  • Is it just posts about my weddings and what we create together, to give you ideas, like I've been doing?

  • Is it delving deeper into specific aspects of ceremonies?

  • Is it guest blog posts from other types of wedding vendors, or interviews with them, to learn about their parts of the wedding?

  • Is it more about me personally?

  • Or something else completely?

I look forward to hearing your answers and thoughts, to inspire me to not only make this a fun month of blogging, but to change the way I approach my blogging going forward.  Thanks for piping in!

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