vows advice & ideas: length of vows

Did you see my previous post on types of vows?  Well, as they start to work through the process, many couples ask me about the typical length of vows.

I show my couples ideas that are a whole variety of lengths, intentionally, and this is what I usually recommend:

If questions – usually 3-6 questions

If a paragraph to read themselves – usually 150-225 words.

Some couples do shorter, and some do longer, but this is the normal range that I see from my couples. I definitely don’t recommend longer than 300 words, as that feels really long to the guests listening to you read them, in addition to the fact that you might be more emotional than you think, and therefore that is a long time to read while emotional.  When my couples have written something much longer, my recommendation is to print out the entire version as a love letter to give their partner either that morning, that night, or that morning, and used an edited-down version for in front of the guests.