readings ideas: love is a decision

There are so many great ideas out there of what can be included in a wedding ceremony, and yet I hear from couples regularly who don't know that they can do anything outside the norm.  Oh, yes, please do!  And since "readings" often makes folks think "religious" or "traditional" and yet that's not necessarily the case at all, since there are so many great pieces that can be used as ceremony readings, I thought I'd start to share some here.

Here is one of my current favorites, and I love using it right before my couple exchanges their vows:

Reading: “Love is a Decision” – unknown author

Love is a decision. Most of the time we think of love as a warm feeling that pulls two people together. However, that feeling is actually romance. Love is a decision. When you share your vows, you'll be saying, "I choose to love you. I will love you during the good days: the days of contentment, of companionship, and of happiness. I also choose to love you during the days of heartache, confusion, frustration, and yes, even days of stress." No retreats and no regrets.