New website!

Welcome to the newest version of the Ceremonies by Bethel website! I decided to start from scratch, on a new platform and with totally different content, to better express who I am, who my couples are, and what my business is all about. There are lots of officiants in the San Diego and Temecula region, and making it clear who I am and what I do (and why I do it) felt more important than ever.

One ramification of this move is that there are lots of older blog posts - all of weddings from a whole bunch of years ago - that I decided wasn’t worth moving over. So, I’ve moved over the content posts that still fit me and my business best, as well as the recent weddings I’ve blogged about, and am leaving the rest behind.

And, I’m excited to start to share new content here instead!

If there are things you are curious about, want to know more about, want me to talk about, etc, don’t hesitate to let me know - whether a comment here or an email to me - and I’ll be happy to share more about it!

Thanks for joining me here!

PS. I am always so grateful to the terrific photographers and awesome couples who allow me to share their wedding photos here and in my social media! Thank you, thank you, thank you!