how quickly life changes…

Do you want to know more about me personally, and who I am and what makes me tick?  Well, in December 2004, my life completely changed.  I had dinner that night with a friend of a longtime and long-distance friend.  Deb told me that someone she worked with was moving to San Diego, and she would like to put us in touch, since he didn't know anyone here.  Of course!  Deb was someone I had known many years earlier in Tokyo, and we'd kept in touch over the years, plus randomly saw each other as we'd each moved all over (for me it was then New York and London, and for her, an Australian, it was in Australia and Chicago). And, yeah, you help out folks who move around.

Little did I know that that dinner would become what Jason and I now call our first date, and that this "help out a friend of mine" was a very intentional set-up on Deb’s part (neither Jason or I knew that!)!  And, oh yeah, that this man was to become the love of my life and my perfect partner.  Naturally, she had a very honored place at our wedding only two years later!

Not sure at all where those years have gone, as life has flown.  But I know that it has been filled with adventures big and small, especially as we love to travel, and that it's only the start to many many more years of love and adventure together!