early mornings

You wanted to know more about me, personally?  Well, I can easily tell you one thing - I am a sleeper!  Not sleeper agent nor anything hidden under the surface that I don't let show regularly - I mean really a sleeper.  I love to sleep, long and late, and only get up early when is absolutely necessary or the right thing to do.

What gets me up early most easily?  Marrying a really amazing couple.  Philanthropy.  Scuba Diving.  A flight to somewhere great.  A race car track day for my hubby.  I think that that's really about it.  Not much else would get me up very early very happily.  Honestly.

Truly, if you need me up before 10 AM, I really need to have an alarm set...  It's amazing that I lasted nine years on Wall Street, having to be up quite early every day - and that required anything from two alarm clocks across the room in New York and London, to a wake call daily from my best friend for one period of time in Tokyo (thanks again, Joe!).

So, why am I writing about that now?  I sit here quite tired but energized, as this morning - on a Saturday, the morning after a wedding and on the day of two weddings - I got up early to marry a great couple in a simple elopement before they headed off to the Pride festivities.  One of them is in the Navy and the other one is a police officer, so having both the benefits and rights of being legally married really really matters.  So, these two cool women are now married!  And I'll just be sure to sleep in tomorrow...  :)