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I don't think I could ever truly express in words the love and appreciation I have for Bethel. My husband and I were so very lucky to be referred to her through our photographers and knew from the minute we met her that she needed to be our officiant. Coming from different backgrounds and different faiths we were a little worried at the prospect of selecting someone to be our officiant. We toyed with the idea of having a friend do it but nothing felt right. We knew we wanted our ceremony to be special, to be about celebrating our relationship, and celebrating everyone in our lives who had supported us up to that moment. But beyond that we weren't certain where to go. Enter Bethel. The best decision we ever made. Bethel is kind, caring, nurturing. She took the time to listen to what we both wanted in a ceremony and was able to make suggestions based on what she heard. The best part is that we didn't just say what we want and leave it at that. Together we got to work with her to create a ceremony that truly represented who we are and what we want to create in our future. What better way to start a new chapter, right? I can't tell you how many people told me during the reception that our ceremony was one of the best, most touching (and fun!) ceremonies they had ever attended. I also heard several times from guests that they felt they knew me and husband and our relationship better after the ceremony as well. It felt like we were able to finally share with our family and friends just why we had made this decision and they finally understood and joined us in the story. I couldn't ask for more. And that is all thanks to Bethel and her support. Working with Bethel was a beautiful experience - her expertise, her joy, just everything. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a unique, engaging, fun ceremony that brings you and those closest to you together for one of the most important events of your life.

- Sharon and Will

My husband and I were originally planning to have a good friend officiate for us. As it got closer to our wedding date, our lives got more busy and we were having a hard time sitting down with our friend to start the planning process. I remembered I had seen Bethel's table at several of the Bridal Bazaars I had attended, but never spoke with her since I did not need her services at the time. I liked what I remembered about her though - she was a big supporter of marriage equality, as am I, and was not religious in any way. This really spoke to me. By the time I finally reached out to her, she was already booked for our wedding date, but told us her husband, Jason, was now also officiating weddings. I was thrilled! We met with Bethel and Jason at the Starbucks near my office and spoke with them for over an hour about who we are and what we like and they told us about their style. My husband and I left this meeting feeling so relieved - we knew we were in good hands! Jason was awesome about giving us deadlines for our "homework" and helping us figure out the elements we wanted to include in our ceremony. He kept us on track and kindly nudged us when we were falling behind. The amount of readings, poems, vows, etc that he gave us to read through was incredible and really helped us craft a ceremony that was uniquely ours. In the end, our ceremony was absolutely perfect. Jason helped us select the exact words that represented how Tom and I feel about each other. The ceremony was sweet, funny, touching, romantic, and unique - just like us. Even now, two months after our wedding, I am still getting compliments on how awesome and perfect our officiant was. Everyone loved Jason's style, but no one more than Tom and I! Not to mention the fact that he took our signed license back to the courthouse to be filed for us, which I really appreciated! Thank you so much Jason and Bethel for making our wedding ceremony something we will never forget!

- Georgia and Tom

When I proposed to my fiancé over a year ago the first person that came to mind as an officiant was Bethel. However, being that my fiancé is Christian (and I am more Buddhist) I knew how important a spiritual element in our wedding would be and I wasn't sure she would go for anyone other than her pastor. Thankfully, she agreed to meet Bethel and was hooked!! What I found refreshing is Bethel didn't pressure us into any one way of getting married. It was all up to us but we were not left to flounder around trying to figure it out. She gave us the ability to personalize our day acting more as our guide and not once did I feel overwhelmed or worried (well about that part of the day anyway). We are a same sex couple and as it is still not "legal" Bethel treated us with the same respect as any other couple getting married. She never downplayed the importance of that day for us...even if the rest of the country does. She is professional, she has some amazing ideas and her homework keeps you on track, she's punctual (and goes above and beyond waiting for the mother of a bride to arrive late!), and she is very personable and fun. Hire her! You will not be disappointed.

- Carrie and Alynn

I have three words for you dear reader... Hire This Woman. I got married on 9/9/12 and had a beautiful ceremony. Even the rain was a pleasurable experience. Now, for the good stuff! You read the reviews, gone on Yelp, saw her on The Knot or the Wedding Wire. And your like me. Thinking about it, looking at your budget, and asking yourself if she is worth it. Oh HECK YEAH! Let me tell you about my experience with this happy, open, beautiful soul. She is quick to respond, listens to you, gives suggestions, is not pushy, and is upbeat. When she smiles, it is infectious. And her performance at the ceremony, amazing. It rained at our outdoor wedding and she did not miss a beat. She even felt comfortable incorporating a few aspects of the movie "the Princess Bride" into the ceremony. Nothing like the opening line' Mawridge" (said by Peter Cook) to get the guests ready for the "I Do's". Her "homework" is easy. And she takes her job seriously, no matter who it is she is marrying. Even after the fact, she follows up with you. Who does that these days? She does. So, in short, I feel very comfortable in saying, HIRE HER. You will not be sorry.

- Serena and Vaughn

"Best Officiant There Is!" I didn’t realize how important a wedding officiant is to the getting married process until we started working with Bethel. From the minute we met her, I completely fell in love. Her energy is so positive, she’s so much fun, and she clearly really knows what she’s doing. After our initial meeting with her, I asked my fiancé, “Can we have her? Can we? Please??” Bethel is so great to work with… she communicates clearly and is very reliable and easy to get in touch with. I never once felt like she had forgotten about us in the five months we worked with her leading up to our wedding. Bethel is extremely well organized, and has her pre-wedding process down to a science. The “homework” that she gave us was really thought-provoking and interesting to do, and it gave her great material to use in our ceremony. She also has so many ideas for things to include in a ceremony, both religious and not. We included an honoring-of-our-parents piece that she suggested, which both sets of parents absolutely loved. She shared so many resources with us, for our vows, for the exchanging of the rings…things that were absolutely invaluable to us and made it so much easier to come up with the perfect words! Bethel is the perfect combination of professionalism and fun. She so clearly loves what she does, and it comes through in the end result. We had so many people come up to us after our ceremony and tell us that it was by far the best ceremony they had ever been to. It was so personalized, and so very US. Almost a year later, I still can’t stop gushing about Bethel and how she MADE our wedding. She’s still a part of our lives to this day, and we both just love her so much. She’s an amazing person and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better wedding officiant.

- Iris and Donovan

Jason helped us create a beautiful and amazing ceremony!!! The wedding day was crazy for us, because it was pouring rain and I had become really sick that morning. I so appreciate everything Jason did to accommodate us. Everyone loved the ceremony. My mom absolutely loved it- she just wished she remembered some Kleenex! And the groom’s dad who is usually very particular liked it so much and really appreciated how personal it was! It was unreal standing up there and having it finally happen. I can't imagine a better ceremony. Jason did an excellent job delivering the speech too. His extensive experience just made the ceremony so polished and better than I could’ve imagined. A great detail he added was having the families sit across the aisle, so that they could see our faces and not our backs. I got to look over and see my mom and brothers. I will remember that ceremony forever. We got both laughter and tears from our families, and they all felt included. It was so personal and touching. The “homework” was such an excellent idea. The best gift he afforded us was those love letters he had us write to each other before the wedding day. I’ve never had such a beautiful letter written to me, and without his prompting I’m sure we wouldn’t have done it. Thanks so much, Jason!!!

- Brandy and Dave

My wife and I met Bethel at the Bridal Bazaar in Del Mar. We were a bit gun shy about meeting with officiants at the bazaar because of our situation. We were actually trying to avoid eye contact with one of the officiants when we saw Bethel. We were instantly drawn to her (still a little cautious) and we eavesdropped on her conversation with a potential couple. Once the conversation started flowing my wife and I knew instantly that we wanted her for our ceremony. Fast forward to our wedding almost a year later on a military installation where we were the first active-duty same sex wedding ceremony - Bethel knocked it out of the park! Our friends and family were so impressed with Bethel and how personal, unique, and heartfelt our ceremony was. I had no idea that the questions she asked myself and my wife months before the wedding would be turned into perhaps the most beautiful, funny, and special part of the entire evening. Because it was so personally tailored to us, our friends and families felt included and could relate to how she described our relationship. Amazing and unforgettable! Thank you Bethel for making our special day so memorable. We recommend Bethel to anyone who is getting married... she is down to earth and made my partner and I feel special. Additionally she so eloquently executed a same-sex ceremony that people who was not even present at the wedding was impressively talking about for months. Thank you Bethel for making our ceremony everything we imagined and more!

- Anacelly and Elny

My husband and I live in Seattle but got married in San Diego where both of our families are. I was super nervous about picking an officiant without meeting them first. I found Bethel here on wedding wire and saw her outstanding reviews. We ended up Skyping with her the next night and I could see right away that she would be fantastic. I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled we were with Bethel's performance during the ceremony. She put so much time in prior to the big day to make everything perfect. I was a bit nervous before the ceremony but was pleasantly surprised at her ability to calm my nerves (especially since I had never met her before!). I love how she had me and my husband answer questions about each other separately and incorporated our answers into the ceremony...it was a great surprise element! All of the guests were raving about how amazing she was and asked me how I found her. I was literally overwhelmed by how impressed everyone was with her!!!! I must have had at least 20 people complement Bethel. I would recommend Bethel as an officiant to anyone getting married. I cannot imagine that there is anyone else that could do a better job than her. She is highly recommended!!!! So, if you are looking for an officiant, I would stop here and call her ASAP!

- Jenna and Eric

Without question, our wedding was more than we could hope for. Bethel offered so many options to ensure that our ceremony was perfectly personalized. She helped us design a ceremony that was intimate, special, touching, unique, whimsical and fun. She was flexible and offered suggestions for every facet, since she’s been through this process with so many other couples. Our ceremony will forever live on in our hearts and the hearts of those who witnessed it. We heard over and over all weekend just how impressed everyone was with Bethel and the ceremony she helped create. We will always appreciate the very important role she played in the day that we became Mrs. and Mrs. Aragon!

- Lisa and Jamie

I am so grateful my in-laws stumbled across Bethel at a bridal show. Although I have only ever worked with one officiant, she simply must be the best! So often, weddings are about the small details and the actual ceremony seems forgotten. Bethel reminds you throughout the process that the ceremony you create is the reason for the event. Seems obvious, right?!? Bethel is sincere, professional, open, and friendly. She performed a ceremony that was uniquely 'us'. It was so special. She didn't even read the ceremony. She was speaking as though she had practiced only our ceremony for months, and I know she's a busy lady. I still don't know how she did it! If your main goal is to truly celebrate your relationship, hire Bethel right away.

- Whitney & Dallis

Bethel was recommended to us by our photographer Pam Scott. After reading all the reviews that previous clients had written about her and then meeting her via SKYPE, we were both confident that Bethel would be perfect to perform our elopement ceremony. She was very personable when we talked at length with her via SKYPE. We live in Texas and we were not able to meet face-to-face with her until the day of our ceremony. She had so many different ideas of things to include in our ceremony. After choosing the things that meant the most to us, Bethel created the perfect intimate ceremony for us. We were both very pleased with every aspect of our ceremony...it was perfect!! I would definitely recommend Bethel to anyone!

- Sheri and Kelly

My fiancé and are live in Connecticut and decided to get married while visiting San Diego, one of our favorite cities, so we did all of our planning long-distance. Bethel was wonderful to work with - it was great to be able to video-chat for our first meeting. We instantly knew she was a good fit for us, and was consistently helpful, upbeat and encouraging throughout the whole process of putting together our beach elopement ceremony. The homework assignments she had us do prior to composing our vows were fun to complete and reminded us why we were together in the first place. She offered helpful advice about the area and sites for the ceremony that we couldn't have gotten from a travel site. She put together a lovely and memorable service that made our day truly special, and in person radiates great warmth and positivity!

- Delia and Rick

We were recently married by Bethel at the Thursday Club in Point Loma. We had a blast planning our ceremony with her and loved that we were able to make it so unique and personalized. She worked with each of our requests and had a so many options and recommendations to choose from. The ceremony itself was so full of love and happiness--I love looking at the pictures! I seem to be laughing or smiling uncontrollably in every one. After the ceremony, so many people told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to and the best ceremony they had ever seen. We kept hearing over and over how amazing our officient was and how the ceremony was so full of love. Originally, I thought I would have been nervous and that I would have wanted the ceremony to be short and sweet. Now when I think back to my wedding day, I am so glad that we took the time to make it personal and unique. Saying our vows will forever remain one of my favorite memories in my life. It was my happiest moment and I am so glad we had Bethel to guide us, marry us, and celebrate us in front of our family and friends!

- Amelia and Kyle

 If you have read other reviews about Bethel, you already know how AMAZING she is! Bethel is organized, helpful, reliable and extremely professional. Once you meet her, you will know if she is right for you. We knew right away! We wanted something different for our ceremony but did not know anything about how to do it and Bethel made it all so easy. The “homework” she gives you helps make your ceremony very personal and unforgettable for all in attendance. I was truly impressed when, in the middle of the ceremony, Bethel’s iPad had an issue and she was great at being spontaneous and kept the ceremony moving along. I was amazed at how much of the ceremony she had committed to memory. Since all of her ceremonies are completely custom, that is quite impressive. If you are looking for a full mass in a church, look elsewhere… but if you want something a little different and meaningful, Bethel is the way to go!

- Amanda & Unyime

 The minute we sat down and spoke with Bethel, we knew she was THE ONE ;p Bethel has this warm, sincere personality and is dedicated to giving you the ceremony you want, no matter what that may be. We loved our ceremony, it was very heartfelt and we really enjoyed the part where she told the audience "his and hers" versions of how we met and got engaged. She provided many readings and samples of other couples' vows for inspiration. We were able to incorporate a couple beautiful rituals into our ceremony that we had never heard of, which made it more meaningful. She had copies of our vows ready for us on our wedding day and was prepared and on time. Bethel walked us through every step of our ceremony to ensure that it would be how we wanted it, the process was very clear and user friendly. As an out-of-town couple planning a destination wedding, the online planning process couldn't have been easier, she even Skypes if you want! You won't be disappointed with Bethel on your wedding day!

- Jennifer & Chris

Let me just start by saying we changed our wedding date so we could get Bethel for our ceremony based on testimonials and vendor recommendations alone, before we had even met her. And then once we did meet her, we knew she was the right choice immediately. Throughout the entire process, she was encouraging, patient, caring, and it felt like she was genuinely interested and invested in us and our marriage. She was professional on every level, guiding us through what we needed to do and working with us to craft our perfect ceremony. That was really the key...she helped us make the entire thing unique and special to our relationship. The stories she had us write, the suggestions she gave us for readings, and the willingness and enthusiasm she brought to working with our tea ceremony idea all helped make the ceremony more moving and awesome than I ever imagined it could be. We received many heartfelt compliments about it and about her, and everybody commented upon how they felt they knew us better after it. As much as I loved our reception, our dinner, dancing, flowers, etc., my favorite part of the day really ended up being the ceremony, and Bethel played an enormous role in making it perfect. I couldn't ask for more.

- Lisa and Kim

Bethel, thank you so sooooo much for making our ceremony extremely special and for painting our love story so well. You captured us in a way where friends and family were able to understand exactly how we are as a couple. It was so much more special for us to have them understand that foundation before witnessing our union. Even guests we invited (that did not know us too well) had tears in their eyes! We couldn't have wanted it any other way and we are forever grateful that you were part of our special day. We send our sincerest gratitude to you!  Also, thank you for sending over the packet after our wedding with the marriage license and our wedding ceremony. You are the sweetest and we really appreciate all the effort in finalizing everything. You've made this process extremely enjoyable and it also came with ease even during the most stressful final moments. Thanks for your patience in all the revisions in the ceremony and for the kind reminders when we did get caught up in the craziness of wedding planning. We knew from the moment we met that we would be in great hands and it really held true throughout the whole process -- You are one of a kind. Again, thank you so much for everything!!

- Tiffany and Jake

"Bethel was amazing in every respect"
 Our experience with Bethel was worth way more than what we paid for. I don't get to say that often about a vendor. 
We had decided to "interview" several officiants before choosing one because we understood how important that function is in a wedding but, after meeting with Bethel for the first time, we immediately decided there was no need to look any further. The comfort level and rapport we had with her was immediate. Over the course of our time working with her, Bethel was personable, professional, responsive, punctual to meetings, timely with our "homework", and patient when we didn't get things back to her by the dates suggested. She addressed any concerns we had with compassion and understanding and answered all of our questions promptly and with the utmost professionalism. She managed to make things fun all at the same time. 
We never doubted she would show up, on time, be professional, and deliver a fabulous ceremony. With all the uncertainty that can occur around a wedding, having that sense of security in her was priceless. She didn't let us down. Together, we created a ceremony, uniquely ours, that had our friends describing it as the most beautiful ceremony they'd ever seen. She will forever be a significant part of our fond memories of our big day.

- Shayla and Jackie

Bethel was the officiant in our wedding last week, and I can't tell you how many people came up to us after the ceremony, and even DAYS afterwards, to tell us how wonderful, personal, touching, and funny the ceremony was! After I temporarily lost the ring, Bethel let us borrow hers, and even found my ring after the ceremony! It is, and will continue to be, a funny story for the rest of our lives! Bethel really worked with us to create a ceremony that represented both of us as a couple! Working with her was easy, fun, enjoyable, and memorable! Words cannot express how truly wonderful it was to have Bethel as our officiant.

- Eveline and Adam

Bethel was the officiant for my August 26th wedding and she did an INCREDIBLE job!! The whole process of working with Bethel is totally unique and the way that she tailors the ceremonies to each individual couple is absolutely amazing. I have had so many people tell me that it was one of the best wedding ceremonies that they had ever seen. Not only is Bethel wonderful to work with but her positive energy is completely infectious. I HIGHLY recommend Bethel to any couple wanting to create a memorable wedding ceremony.

- Ciera and Joe

"Look no more..." We met Bethel at the Bridal Bazaar in San Diego. For anyone who has been, you know that there are thousands of people walking around, hundreds of vendors, and it is a very intense event. It’s hard to get any individualized attention from vendors, many of who are there just to get clients and make money. However, we came across Bethel and she just clicked with us from the first time we met her. She talked directly with us and spent quality time getting to know us and gave us individual, personalized attention. She was very warm, and even though there were thousands of people around us, she made us feel like we were the only people there and she really created a genuine connection. Clearly, she is not there just to collect clients and make money, she does this to connect with people, share their love, and make their special day unforgettable. We are so glad that we meet Bethel that day and that we could make her part of our big day. Neither of us are particularly religious people, and we were concerned with finding an officiant who was not judgmental about this and could still give us a meaningful ceremony without tying in too much traditional, religious views. We really appreciated her unique approach, her understanding of our views and beliefs, and her tireless work to make our ceremony perfect. Bethel worked with us for many months to create a very personal, unique, and moving ceremony. She provided various “homework” assignments (i.e., written questions) to get to better know us as individuals and as a couple. She was always very patient and understanding with us when we would turn them in late. By learning so much about us, Bethel was able to create a very personal ceremony that captured us as a couple, was respectful of our views, and kept the audience’s attention from beginning to end. Our guests raved about the ceremony and how special it was. The ceremony was at times funny, genuine and moving, and at all times infused with love.

- April and Pat

"Bethel is amazing!!!"
 Bethel is the most wonderful officiant ever! We are not biased just because she was our officiant – everyone at our wedding kept telling us how amazing she was! But that’s skipping ahead… We met Bethel at a bridal bazaar shortly after we got engaged and had no idea how to plan a wedding. However, after speaking with her for five minutes, we both knew that we had to have her as the officiant at our wedding. Bethel is so warm, smart, and funny and we felt confident that our ceremony would fit us perfectly if Bethel officiated it. Bethel was the first vendor we booked and she met with us shortly after this to discuss her process of designing the ceremony. She told us about the many options we would have to personalize our ceremony, all of which sounded wonderful. She also started to get to know us as a couple, asking questions about our relationship and about each of us as individuals. As we talked, she made suggestions about various components we could include in our ceremony that were consistent with who we are as a couple and as individuals. She did this with such enthusiasm and provided us with just enough to get us thinking, but did not overwhelm us with too much information. About four months before the wedding, she started to send us homework that was intended to get to know our individual perspectives on our relationship. She also sent us lots of ideas about things to incorporate into our ceremony, which were so helpful and allowed us to design a ceremony that was very personal and meaningful for us. She sent us drafts of most parts of the ceremony and was so open to any suggestions we had for changes and reassured us that we could change any part we wanted to in order to make it fit our relationship better. On our wedding day, we were both so excited to hear Bethel talk about our relationship, as we had not seen each other’s homework assignments and couldn’t wait to hear what the other said about the relationship. Bethel’s ceremony was so personal and touching. She incorporated stories we each had told her in our homework and allowed our guests to really get to know us as a couple and learn things about us that many of them didn’t know before. We both laughed and cried throughout the ceremony, as Bethel was masterful at weaving together both funny and sweet aspects of our relationship. We have a few relatives who are in the wedding business who have seen a million weddings and even they were in awe of what an amazing ceremony Bethel had created for us. Although we had anticipated that the reception would be the highlight of our wedding, Bethel’s hard work, creativity, and personality made the ceremony the most wonderful part of the day.

- Dana and Erik

Bethel performed our ceremony for our wedding. We had about 170 people attend our wedding, and she made it so special. 
I fond Bethel on the Knot website, and she was so professional during our first meeting. She came to us, which for most people, is a trek. We met for about an hour, and we knew then that she was the person for us. We hired her immediately. 
Communication was via email which worked for us. We were able to cut and paste, write out, and create our own vows. She had a plethora of information for us to use, and little by little, our beautiful ceremony was created. 
Our wedding day... there are no words to explain what a phenomenal job Bethel did. Her words were funny, heartwarming, and made our ceremony. Really, she was a hit. She made our ceremony spectacular by really putting passion behind the words that were written. We were so pleased after with the way everything was presented. 
Of our guests, over half of them came up to us after the ceremony or during the reception to compliment us on Bethel. She kept their attention, was funny, and very well spoken. We couldn't be happier. 
In your choices of officiants, I STRONGLY recommend Bethel. She is professional, friendly, educated, and an all around fantastic person. She is very dependable, and will perform a ceremony you will will remember forever.

- Ally & Callen

Bethel officiated our wedding on 6/9/12, and it was absolutely incredible. The ceremony was 100% "us" and personalized exactly to what we wanted. Tons of people took us aside to tell us what an amazing job Bethel did, and that it was the best and most personal ceremony they had ever seen. Bethel had us fill out cute questionnaires before the ceremony, and then read parts of them out loud, which was so adorable and touching! I feel like Bethel knows us as a couple, and understands exactly what we feel about one another, and how important our bond is. To anyone engaged or planning to be married, I 100% recommend Bethel, and can't imagine anyone better.

- Katherine & Trevor

HIRE THIS WOMAN! 2000 words is not enough to review Ceremonies by Bethel My husband and I met Bethel at Bridal Bazaar in Jan of 2012. We instantly knew we liked her. After Bridal Bazaar we met up at a local Starbucks and just chatted and got to know each other. Just a down to earth, no pressure meeting. (Which is rare to find when looking for wedding vendors and Officiants!!) After the meeting, Bethel agreed to marry us. Her homework questions were great because it really made us think about why we were getting married as well as reflect. She uses the homework questions to get to know her couples. The homework answers also serve as material in the ceremony. These answers defiantly fueled a lot of laughs and tears. Next it was her “treasure chest” of readings, ceremonies, rituals, and unity ideas to individualize our ceremony. My husband and I choose a hand fasting, stone blessing, and several readings that were comical and romantic. Then, she had us write our vows as well as love letters she mailed to us after our ceremony and will be re-mailing us upon our one year anniversary. She even reminded my husband to get his vows sent!!! On the wedding day, Bethel was there on time and sharply dressed. She visited both me and the groom for a quick hugs as well as review a few last minute details. This woman really knows how to calm a nervous bride. She came into my suite, gave me a huge hug and said, “I’ve got it from here, breathe." So as you can see Bethel puts lots of energy and love into building a ceremony with her couples. Her ceremony was very engaging, light, funny, and just so “US.” We even had several friends and family members state that our ceremony “was the best wedding ceremony that they have ever been to.” There are many officants out there who have the scripted ceremony that they will use on every single couple. Each and every one of Bethel’s ceremonies is as unique and different as each of her couples she marries.

- Brooke and Matt

"A Completely Positive Experience!" Bethel was my first choice for a wedding officiant, and I was completely happy with her creation of and participation in my wedding ceremony. My husband and I wanted to create a ceremony that was not of any specific faith, but instead celebrated our relationship. This is Bethel's specialty, and as we began working with her, we found out why she gets so many great reviews. While everyone wants to celebrate their "unique, special" relationship, the actual process of creating a wedding ceremony from that concept is a little more daunting. Bethel steps in with tons of ideas about the format, readings to include, rituals to incorporate, etc, but ultimately lets the decisions about what is included, and in what format - up to the couple. There is also the option of the future bride and groom each sending Bethel stories about each other (without letting each other know) and having Bethel read them at the ceremony. We did this, and I loved having something surprising to look forward on the day-of, since every other minute detail had been micro-managed by me for months before. I received tons of compliments on my choice of Bethel, because she helps to make the ceremony personal and engages the attendees both with her personality and with her inclusion of content about the families. She was also on time to everything, extremely efficient, and very personable, and fun :-) to work with. Thank you Bethel for making our ceremony something significant.

- Lauren and Marc

"Awesome Approach to Ceremony" I met Bethel at a Bridal Bazaar and my husband and I really hit it off with her in conversation. Bethel's approach in creating the ceremony is so awesome! She meets with you and gives you each homework assignments in order to get to know your story so that it can be shared to the guests during the ceremony. The cool part about it that we really enjoyed is that the answers to the homework assignments stay private so that the bride and groom are surprised by the other's answers on the day of! Don't worry, she doesn't say anything that might be embarrassing! This approach really makes the ceremony special and unique to each couple. Everything about our ceremony was perfect! My only comment would be that she tends to talk a little fast, but everything is still clear and concise. Personally, I think my guests appreciated it so that our ceremony didn't drag on forever. Ultimately, I would highly recommend her!

- Megan and Nick

Right away when my husband and I met Bethel, we knew she was the officiant for us. I'm Wiccan and my husband is Christian (non-denominational), and we needed someone who could perform a ceremony that was meaningful to both of us while still being accessible to our guests. We also wanted someone who could help us express our love to each other and our family and friends honestly, without going over the top or missing anything. Bethel was perfect and helped us to create a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted and resonated with everyone there. It represented our love and commitment the way we wanted it to and was a unique blend of both of our traditions. I would highly recommend Bethel to any couple looking to go beyond a generic ceremony and wanting something unique and meaningful to them and their loved ones.

- Miranda and Mike