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online payments

Want to pay your retainer fee, balance, or make any size payment electronically?

For Venmo: @bethelnathan or 6193023035

For PayPal: Below are two PayPal buttons, allowing for payment via either PayPal or a credit card (whether you have a PayPal account or not):

The first button is pre-set with the amount of the retainer fee, while the second one has an open amount for either a balance or payment amount to be entered.

Retainer Fee: 

Balance or Payment:

**Note that for the second button, it will say "$0.00 across from Balance Due as PayPal can't read the data from your specific invoice in our system.  Therefore, in the empty box next to Item Price, please type in your balance due, or the payment you want to make, click "Update" and then you will see the amount of your balance or the payment to be made, and you are set to log in and pay it.**