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Using wine in your wedding ceremony

Do you two enjoy wine?  Is that something that you already share in your life together?  If so, have you thought about including wine in your ceremony? Wine is something that some of my couples definitely enjoy including in their wedding ceremony, and here are some fun ways to do it: Sharing a favorite wine from one glass together. Blending two wines together and then sharing that mix from one glass. Using wine corks not only as decor but as part of a “stone blessing” type ceremony component. Putting a bottle of wine, along with …
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Readings Idea: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Are you enjoying these readings ideas?  If you’ve missed them, here are the earlier ones: here and here.  Since my couples tend to be non-religious and/or non-traditional, it’s fun getting to provide ideas about readings that are focused on love, commitment, marriage, friendship, etc, that can be used in their wedding ceremony rather than the traditional or “normal” ones they’ve heard many times. Here is another one that speaks to many of my couples and their ceremony messaging: Excerpt from “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” by Louis de Bernières Love is a temporary madness; it erupts like …
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Vows Advice & Ideas: What do I put in my vows?

After you’ve thought about what kind of structure your vows might be, and how long they might be, what do you write?  What should be in your vows? Remember, the exchange of vows is one of the key reasons for your wedding day (whether it’s public in a wedding, or private in an elopement), and the vows are supposed to last as long as you do. So I recommend that you put a lot of thought into what you want to promise and how you want to promise it.  I expect that the memory of …
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Julie and Mike – Renewal of Vows – Encinitas

Since I posted about Maggie and Jess’ June wedding recently, I thought it would be fun to now post about the renewal of vows I was honored to then do seven weeks later for her parents! Maggie emailed me after the wedding, saying that her parents had been thinking about renewing their vows in August, for their 25th anniversary, and as “they were so amazed by our ceremony” wondered if I was available or could recommend someone else if I wasn’t. Well, as luck would have it, based on the time of day they wanted, …
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Lisa and Matt – Mr. A’s

This past Monday I receive an email asking if I would do a blessing for a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary. They were going to be having a special dinner at Mr A’s that Friday night (yes, four days later), and wanted to know if I could join them for a blessing – and it would only be the two of them. Well, I am always up for helping a great couple celebrate their relationship! But how to do this? I had done renewal of vows ceremonies, in front of their friends and family, and …
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