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lgbt weddings & ceremonies

amy + stephanie – catamaran hotel

I met Amy and Stephanie at the Bridal Bazaar, and from the moment we met, I totally knew that they were my couple!  One problem – we had originally planned on being away on vacation over their date, so I told them that we’d figure it out (if we were going or not) and would let them know soon.  Shortly afterward, I received an email from them, with even more information on who they are, and a picture of them doing the 3 Day Walk together (something that I had done for six years, including …
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It’s About Time! Marriage Equality Wedding Giveaway

It’s About Time!  Truly, that is how so many of us San Diego wedding professionals felt on July 1st, when we could finally celebrate our LGBT couples FULLY!  For years we had happily been celebrating the love and commitment and connection of all of our couples, but with our LGBT couples we could only do so 98% of the way – as I could never pronounce them legally married and could never sign a marriage license.  Now all of our couples’ relationships can be treated as equal, and a group of us wanted to celebrate …
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Marriage Equality Celebration Day

Do you know how I am lucky enough to get to spend Thursday?  Celebrating some really great couples, and making their relationship legal in the eyes of California and the federal government!!  How crazy cool is that?  Here are the details we are spreading around: Ceremonies by Bethel (“Ordained Officiant Open to All”) and After the Engagement (caring and supportive Wedding Planner) have teamed up for a wonderful (and totally free) day to celebrate Marriage Equality! On Thursday, July 11th, from 9 AM to 5 PM, on the lawn outside of the County Administration building, …
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Marriage Equality

As a close friend put it for me, “to know me is to know my commitment to marriage equality.”  Truly, if you follow me on Facebook, or if you have flipped through my gallery, read my blog posts, and/or read my reviews or testimonials, it is probably pretty obvious that my couples are of all sorts, be it gay and straight, or from the same racial and/or cultural background or different backgrounds.  None of that matters to me in the couples that I choose to work with and to celebrate.  Because I only care that they …
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Carrie and Alynn – Embarcadero Marina Park South

I received a note on Facebook in June from the partner of a cool woman I had known for a few years already (as Carrie was our fantastic cat sitter), asking if I would be available for their celebration in September, and I was so excited to hear from them!  Luckily, as I was already booked on that date for a later wedding, and had been for almost a year, I was glad to hear that it would be earlier in the afternoon, so we could make it work. The three of us got together …
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